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Dr. Olusegun Mimiko’s Second Term Inaugural Speech




Appreciations and Exhortation
My good people of Ondo State, exactly four years ago, on the 24th of February, 2009, the Almighty God, to whom all praises and adoration are due, using you as agents of a much-desired change, made it possible for me to stand in front of you as the fifth elected governor of our Sunshine State.
Four years after, I feel most humbled by the honour and gratified by the fortune of history to stand before you to be sworn in as Governor for a 2nd term in office, having been elected in the globally-adjudged free, fair and peaceful election of 20th October, 2012.
Today would not have been possible if God had not willed it. The scripture says; “Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labour in vain.” Yes, we laboured, but not in vain because the Lord is on our side.
So, to God, the Almighty, the owner of time and season, we owe our debt of gratitude for a day like this.
Words cannot adequately express my gratitude to you, my good people of Ondo State, for the impressive attendance and outpouring of emotions at our campaign rallies in every community visited during the last electioneering.
I have profound appreciation for the action-packed support of the artisans, the massive support of the market women, the firmness of the farmers, the principled stand of public servants, the loyalty of labour leaders, the ruggedness of road transport workers, including the ‘okada’ riders, the resolve of our royal fathers, the reassurances of our religious leaders, the resilience of our retirees, the commitment of our captains of industry and of course the staunchness and untiring energy of our students and our youths in general. We also salute our numerous friends on the social media.
To all, we say, the story of today will be written in years to come and your doggedness, tenacity, consistency and overall incorruptibility will be recorded for the attention of generations to come.
We must show appreciation to Mr. President, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR, for guaranteeing the ambiance for a free, fair and peaceful election through the timely and most responsible deployment of security operatives. We pray for more grace and strength for Mr President to take our nation unto greater heights.
The leadership and members of the Labour Party at all levels were not only vigilant but demonstrated commitment to the sustenance of democracy, not just in Ondo State, but in our nation.
We must commend the leadership of organised labour at the national and State levels. Their decision to openly support good governance is a welcome development that will open a new prospect in the political development of our nation.
Mention must also be made of the fact that we enjoyed cross-party endorsement from several politicians. We also acknowledge the support of the Afenifere patriarchs, Yoruba Unity Forum, media practitioners, Oodua youth groups, and indeed friends and supporters home and abroad, who in one way or the other helped in the process of making today a reality.
I must at this juncture, thank my wife, children and indeed all my family members for their steadfast love and support at all times and in all seasons.
The Past Four Years
In the past four years, we have sought to re-engineer the education sector to be able to produce truly competitive and socio-economically relevant products who will be equipped to climb the social ladder; to continually create a vibrant middle class that will continue to innovate and drive our development.
Education must serve the present generation, like those before it, as a tool of social mobility; to do otherwise is to wittingly or unwittingly recycle generational poverty and close the hope of generations for better lives.
We can only do these at our peril because we shall be multiplying the tribe of hooligans, armed robbers, kidnappers and suicide bombers.
That is why, in the past four years, we have invested massively in education; that is why we created the Quality Education Assurance Agency as a tool of effective monitoring, measurement and evaluation.
That is why we are continuously incentivising our teachers.
That is why we are building Mega Schools; schools that are truly 21st century compliant to turn out 21st century products with requisite ICT and entrepreneurial skills.
In the past four years, the health sector has witnessed a new fillip. Our home grown initiatives, geared at removing all impediments to quality health care for our pregnant women and infants have received and continue to receive both national and international accolades. We have declared that “pregnancy will no longer be death sentence in our State.”
Our health institutions have become generally more patient-friendly. We are also about to complete an integrated Emergency Medical Service Scheme which will drastically reduce the toll of trauma especially Road Traffic Accident on our people.
In the past four years, we have leveraged on our relative advantage in agriculture to drive development through increased access and input support for our farmers. We have also created modern Agricultural villages (Agro Business Cities) to attract our young ones and demonstrate that agriculture can truly be a business engagement worth their while.
We have constructed neighbourhood markets all over the State not only to replace the hitherto shanty and non-descript stalls that littered the streets and made our towns unsightly, but also to serve as fulcrum for inclusive, life-enhancing urban renewal initiative, one of many such programmes that caught the attention and special recognition of the UN-Habitat last year. Everywhere, we are building futuristic structures that will attract business and leisure seekers to our State.
With more than 644 community-nominated projects across the State, we have through the 3Is initiatives rebuilt confidence in government and re-awakened the spirit of community participation and have at the same time re-established the bond between the government and the governed.
Our functional public private partnership (PPP) office has in the past four years midwived the establishment of several impactful projects like the Gani Fawehinmi Diagnostic Centre, the Oba Ile Sunshine Gardens, the ongoing Ore Sunshine City project, the completion of the Alpha 3D factory in Ikare Akoko and the ongoing revamp of the Arigidi Tomato factory.
With the continued cooperation of the Federal Government, other major partners and stakeholders, we are also in the process of facilitating investment in bitumen exploration and further investment in the Olokola Free Trade Zone (OKFTZ) including the establishment of a Deep Sea Port.
We have recreated a culture of leisure and recreation. The international mountain climbing competition and cultural fiesta, ‘MARE,’ commenced four years ago is fast becoming a global brand.
We have mainstreamed sports, such that our teams come top at almost all events. Our football team, the Sunshine Stars, which was salvaged from the brink of relegation when we came into office four years ago, is now a proud participant at the semi-finals of the Confederation of African Football Champions League at its last outing. At least one of the AFCON-winning Super Eagles, Godfrey Oboabona, is from Sunshine Stars.
Through the channelization of some major rivers and streams, we have saved our State the agony of erosion and flooding.
In the past four years, we have improved the lot of civil servants through upward review of their remunerations, surpassed the recommended minimum wage and enhanced their capacities through quality training and re-training programmes. To cap it all, we are building a world class Public Service Training Institute (PSTI) complex to provide an environment conducive to training and re-training of officials of the State’s bureaucracy.
In all these, we never took our eyes off the radar of security and have partnered the security agencies through provision of logistics and needed funds.
We are doing all these on the basis of our avowals of the ideals of progressivism encapsulated in the ideas and programmes of our revered Chief Obafemi Awolowo. We are convinced that the totality of the concept of progressivism which he represented is about using the instrumentality of government to make choices on behalf of the majority of our people. To us, being progressive means democratisation of access to fundamentals of good living.
We were not prisoners of the fiction that our problems are insurmountable, yet we live under no illusion that there is a fix-all remedy by anyone at one and the same time. What we hold dear is that our generation, like Frantz Fanon said long ago, must discover its mission, fulfil or betray it.
We can in all modesty say we have walked our talk and have demonstrated that governance is about sincerity of purpose; about keeping faith with the populace; and about an all-inclusive and demand-driven development. We have shown that government can be credible, trustworthy, reliable and depended upon to turn around the fortunes of the people for the better.  We now have a State, of which all its citizens can be proud. Ondo State, to all intents and purposes, is now our place of pride.

The Journey from Now
Far from relenting, we shall in the next four years take governance closer to the people by posting greater achievements on all fronts. We’ll ensure the completion of all outstanding projects.  We will also, over the next four years, unveil a new stream of programmes directed at enhancing the quality of life of our people.
Our major focus shall be on an aggressive drive at job creation for our teeming youths through innovative and durable programmes that will engender sustainable livelihood. To this end, government is undertaking a 30MW Independent Power Project in Ore to provide independent power that will attract several industries to Ondo State.
When completed, Ore’s status not only as a major national commercial centre but as well an industrial hub will be a reality.
The on-going International Events Centre, The Dome, will by God’s grace, be delivered this year and this will open a new vista of turning Ondo State into a destination for international events.
The State’s residency card, ‘Kaadi Igbe Ayo’ will be launched, by the Grace of God, next month. This will go a long way to strengthen government-people interface and as well be a veritable tool for planning and service delivery.

Prepared to Re-Launch
Fellow citizens, we need you now more than ever before in the quest to take good governance a notch higher. You must continue to exercise ownership of government facilities provided for the common good. Every inch of the road, every square meter of the school compound and indeed every tablet in the pharmacy of public hospitals belong to all of us. We cannot afford to let government revert to the inglorious era of ‘they’ and ‘us’. We are together in this moving train and there is nowhere else to go but forward.
As good citizens, we must be ready to fulfil our parts of the social contract; of obeying laws, paying taxes, generally discharging our duties and responsibilities and also fighting for our legitimate rights. We must renew our commitments to peace and security.
We, members of the political class, must cease from looking at government and service as a goldmine. We must acknowledge that the good of all translates into the good of the individual and not necessarily vice versa. In this context, the central purpose of our involvement in politics and governance has been and will continue to be what government policies and institutions can make available to the collective and not what each individual politician or government official can corner for himself or herself.
We are a proud people with a proud heritage; we are Akikanju and must not bow to gods of corruption, sleaze and indolence.
We assure our sister states of our commitment to cooperation such that our region can benefit from the individual strength of each State and possibilities of our aggregated potentials. We remain steadfast in our call for a restructuring of the country to achieve true federalism. We demand more equity in the revenue sharing formula and the devolution of more powers to the federating units.
In the course of finding lasting solutions to the challenges facing us as a nation, we assure that we shall not waste any opportunity for functional, patriotic collaboration across party lines for the overall development of our great nation.
Dear compatriots and friends, ours in the past four years has been a story of a shared vision, collective execution and fulfilment.
It is the story of school children who used to trek 4 kilometres a day now riding in the cosy comforts of our free shuttle buses, it is the story of those who shared school compounds with armed robbers and miscreants who now learn in ultra modern mega primary schools; it is the story of an Adekunle Ajasin University once derided as a glorified secondary school but now on track as a 21st century university, so properly called. It is the story of market women who used to trade under inclement weather on the roads and in muddy dingy stalls now trading in cosy stalls in Isikan, NEPA and other neighbourhoods markets across the State; it is the story of Rhoda, the woman who came into our Mother and Child Hospital distressed and went through three surgeries, took 5 pints of blood, all at zero cost to herself and family.
It is also the story of the unemployed graduate who has become a veritable agro business practitioner or a skilful solar power entrepreneur.
My good people, exactly four year ago, I promised to work for you. With all sense of humility, you are witnesses to the fact that I have worked for you. I have worked with you. Together, we have posted great accomplishments. But, the work remains unfinished.
To be sure, our job is not finished until every child has access to quality education in a 21st Century environment that is deliberately-structured to bridge the global digital divide and take our children to the cyberspace where information and knowledge now truly reside.
It is not finished until we are able to establish unfettered access to affordable quality health care services especially for the vulnerable group – pregnant women, infants and the aged.
It is not finished until there is food security in every home and every child has guaranteed access to nutritious food for maximum development of their inherent cerebral power.
It is not finished until every youth is usefully engaged and able to generate wealth for self-fulfilment and the collective good of our society.
It is not finished until we are able to leverage our God-given resources to create industries and add value to them, converting them to useful local and globally demanded end-products.
It is not finished until we complete the ongoing reform to facilitate aggressive capitalisation of our land resource.
It is not finished until our cities, suburban communities and villages are well organised, clean and functional, making them conducive to optimal work and play. It is not finished until our sandy shores become true tourist havens.
It is not finished until the attitudinal renaissance, which commenced in the past few years, comes full circle so that each and every one of us will live true to the biblical definition of neighbour – loving your neighbour as yourself and therefore willing at all times to lend a helping hand.
It is not finished until we all imbibe the time-honoured work ethos of Ise loogun Ise. After all, the bible in the second letter of Apostle Paul to the Thessalonians, Chapter 3,verse 10, also tells us that “He who does not work does not deserve to eat” and Surah 53 of the Quran affirms that “there shall be nothing due to man except what he works for.”
It is not finished until Nigeria, our dear country, becomes a secure and developed member of the global community along the principles and practice of true federalism.
My good people of Ondo State, the job is not finished. The work surely continues.

Long live Labour Party
Long Live Ondo State
Long Live Nigeria!
Ipinle Ondo, Ise loogun Ise
Ipinle Ondo, Ise l’a fi ndeni giga
Ise takun takun, ibukun repete.
God bless you all.


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Aremo Olusiji Balogun




Aremo Olusiji Balogun

A Phenomenon at 50

Hitting the age of 50 is a landmark and a milestone to be celebrated. Fifty years and still counting, Aremo Olusiji Balogun, is a phenomenon and a case study in humanity.

He is an Associate Member, Chartered Institute of Personnel Management in Nigeria among others. He is the Founder of Ase Youth Association and several other organisations.

His company Promec Innovative Concepts was a child of necessity when his attempt to register Prince Royal Media Concept (Promec) at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) met a brick wall.

Olusiji Balogun is a media guru and an organizational growth and business development expert with adaptable skills. He is able to use own initiative or work as part of a team. An efficient and effective Human Resources Manager, community worker, excellent communicator at all levels within and outside organizations; he has good problem solving and analytical skills with pioneering spirit.

Olusij’s specific interests include teaching and learning for new product development, business development, participatory social activities, keen insight into the needs of others and with high energy, initiative and focus, proven leadership skills including managing and motivating others to achieve objectives.

An effective community and social worker, he is fluent with information technology and capable of handling executive assignments and leadership. His other qualities include being positive with potential ideas, he has the ability to work with anyone under any condition or situation and contribute greatly to achieving the best goals of the establishment.

Oluwasijibomi Gideon Balogun was born on the 8th September, 1972 in Ondo town to the family of Samuel Olusegun Balogun and Mrs Grace Remilekun Balogun of Ase Akoko in Akoko North West Local Government Area of Ondo State. Both parents are retired Civil Servants. Olusiji was raised up with strong Christian virtue.

He had his early education at St. Luke’s Primary School, Akure but finished at Muslim Primary School, Ikaram Akoko, all in Ondo State, where he obtained the First School Leaving Certificate. He subsequently earned his West African Senior School Certificate in 1990 after attending Omoluorogbo Grammar School, Akure before proceeding to Ala Community Comprehensive High School, Ala-Elefosan, Idanre Local Government Area of Ondo State.

He also attended the Institute of Journalism and Nigerian Institute of Journalism, (NIJ), Akure Campus for his Diploma in Journalism and Public Relations, after a sojourn at Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) briefly in the Institute of Science Laboratory Technology. He also went to Akwa-Ibom State Polytechnic, for his Higher National Diploma in Business Administration.

He later proceeded to the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State for his Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Administration.

He is a Member of various professional bodies.

After leaving school, Olusiji started working as a freelance Journalist and Printer. He started Eminent Leaders Magazine in 1996 and registered Prince Royal Media Concepts with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), in 1999 which he upgraded to Eminent Leaders World Communications Limited publisher of Eminent Leaders magazine.

He worked with several organisations where he left indelible footprints of punctuality, hard work and professionalism. He worked with Mentors Communications, Abuja in different capacities. At Mentors Communications, he was the pioneer Editor of Rootswatch Magazine. He was Technical Assistant to the Managing Director of Quarry Managers Company in Abuja, headed by the late Abdulhakeem Amao. He was Special Event Manager with ITAD/MotMacdonald/PWC in Calabar and Water Supply and Sanitation Reform Programme (WSSRP) in Abuja. Both projects under the Integrated Water Resource Management European Commission.
He also had a stint with Hatlab Delight as a Business Development Manager and Head of Administration, O.T. Otis Engineering Limited. He resigned his appointment with Successory Nigeria Limited, Abuja, as Head of Project Management, in year 2019 to move his outfit forward.

Olusiji Balogun experience in politics is vast. His team helped installed Olusegun Agagu and Olusegun Mimiko as Ondo State Governors. He was the nucleus of Olusegun Mimiko Campaign Organisation for his second term when he was Editor of Grassroots Vanguard Newspaper of Grassroots Network.

He attempted to contest for the coveted seat of Ondo State Governor in 2020.

His experience in administration is versed as he is an Associate Member, Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM), Full Member Institute of Professional Administrators and Managers (IPMA) and many other professional bodies. He is a partner in many companies and Chief Executive Officer of Promec Innovative Entrepreneurship and Science Academy (PIESA) and several other firms.

He currently has his hand in farming as he started Ase Farms Nigeria Limited,

His hobby includes travelling, reading, surfing the internet and adventures.

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Nigerian Attains American Diplomatic Status In Brazil




Ambassador Bayo Lawal Appointed American Diplomatic Representative in Brazil Ambassador Bayo Lawal, is truly a chip off the block. Born in Osogbo, Osun State of Nigeria, into the royal house of Olumodi Oyipiloye and Asuni Compound (Maternal) Osogbo. Bayo Lawal has become the first Nigerian to receive an American diplomatic status in Brazil. At a diplomatic ceremony held on the 17th of December, 2021 in the executive auditorium of the State Legislative Council, Saopaulo , Brazil, the American Government, through its Diplomatic Mission of International Relations (ADMIR) sworn In Ambassador Bayo Lukman Lawal as one of its appointed diplomatic representatives of the American diplomatic mission in Brazil. The humanitarian and diplomatic mission , which for the first time, included a Nigerian living in Brazil, inaugurated other important personalties in Brazil as members of its humanitarian project scheduled for Africa and Europe in the year 2022. Bayo Lawal is from a royal and polygamous house where hardwork is the hallmark. Though born by a successful business man popularly known as “Were Nise Oluwa”, Bayo Lawal has been a focused, hard-working and persevering youngman. His stint with the Osun State Board of Internal Revenue after his days at The Federal Polytechnic, Offa, set him in a progress pedestal. At the Board of Internal Revenue, his hardworking nature, made him a darling of all. Ambassador Bayo Lawal, before leaving the shores of Nigeria, originated the idea of honouring women in Nigerian society in 1999, tagged “Women Entrepreneur Merit Award” organised by Spotlight Media Ventures. He was then the PRO and Reporter for the firm. Ambassador Bayo Lawal and other personalities like the notable former Brazilian football captain, Capitão Cafu , the Saopaulo State First Lady, Mrs. Bia Doria, the Director of Federal Police, the Honorable speaker of the House of Assembly in Saopaulo , Representatives from several African and European countries witnessed the event. According to the President of the mission in Brazil, Dr. Fernando Navarro, the principal function of the American diplomatic mission of International relations is simple, it is humanitarian, it is helping to make the world a better place to live, he said the mission is to combat hunger and help the needy. Ambassador Bayo Lawal, who has lived in Brazil for over twenty years has worked in different functions in the international relations, he is an administrator who has led his team of excellent professionals within and outside Brazil. He is the presently the CEO of Mab Consulting Services, an International Trade and Business Development company with spread in the South America, Africa, China, USA, Europe and UAE. Bayo Lawal, who served as a Business Consultant at Grupo Empresarial Costa Negocios, taught courses in several English Schools in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was Business English Teacher For Executives between 1999 – 2014. He worked at the Costa Negocios Group, FGV Projetos, Bimex Comercial Ltda., and many others. In his interview with Heritage news, Ambassador Lawal said “I am dedicating my achievements in Brazil to the Almighty God and also to my late parents, Prince Yekeen Lawal and Mrs. Bolanle Lawal. I also owe this success to my family in Brazil , my friends and colleagues who are always by me.” Ambassador Bayo Lawal said he is ready to work with all humanitarian organizations in Nigeria and overseas, using his office as an ambassador to help better the standards of every Nigerian, African immigrants in Brazil and around the world. He promised to lead projects of housing estates to Osogbo and other necessary locals in Nigeria.Ambassador Bayo Lawal is married to an Italian descendant Brazilian, Mrs. Sara Guerino Lawal and blessed with three children; Nathalie Mariam Oyenike Lawal, Derick Afeez Oyewale Lawal and Allan Khalil Babatunde Lawal.

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Iyalaje Tolulola Olajibike Bayode was born in Akure and hails from Oba-Ile. She’s the daughter of Chief Joseph Bayode and Pastor Mrs Bayode.

Tolulola Olajibike Bayode, RN, BSN, MD, is a trained medical professional but with an unusual passion for the well-being of the less privileged. Having travelled far and wide,Tolulola share an uncanny obsession of giving abandoned children and widows another shot at life,employing both her professional training and God given resources in assisting the less privileged at will leading her to initiating Dorian Home for Displaced Children & Mothers Initiative.

Vice President of Nigeria and Iyalaje Tolulola Olajibike Bayode

The African Union Economic, Social and Cultural Council appointed this Akure born philanthropist Dr. Tolulola Bayode as Head, Social Affairs and Health Cluster Committee. The job description entails implementing the overall goals of the Health, Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development portfolio in line with the AU Agenda 2063, Sets annual performance targets for the Health, Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development portfolio and report on annual progress to Specialized Technical Committees and AU Policy Organs.

In 2009, Dr.Bayode established Dorian Home for Charity and Social Development as a Non-governmental Organization (NGO). She’s the CEO/ President. Her personal encounter and experience in the course of discharging her professional duties, most especially in the Internally Displaced People’s (IDP) Camps, Community/Rural Medical Outreach programs, just to mention a few, afforded her a first-hand and comprehensive understanding of the plethora of unsavoury plights of women and children in our society.

Governor of Ondo state with Iyalaje Tolulola Olajibike Bayode

Dorian Home is the biggest orphanage home in Africa, consisting of 700 homes for children,500-capacity skill acquisition centre for women, large hall for events, modern clinic and a worship centre. Dorian Home for Charity and Social Development is situated at Akure, the Ondo State capital.

Described as the biggest orphanage home in Africa, the ultramodern facility worth $5million and was finally commissioned on the 14th of October 2021.

Dorian Home is not limited to taking care of just abandoned babies and widows but also focused on research, training, empowerment and mobilize women towards self-emancipation. A glamorous persona imbued with the philosophy of giving hope to the hopeless, creating a better living condition for the abandoned, Tolulola is in the forefront of Safe Haven Law in Nigeria – the leaving of unharmed infants with statutorily designated private persons so that the child becomes a ward of the state with proper upbringing.

At the commissioning of the home, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, the Vice-President of Nigeria, called for the provision of adequate welfare for vulnerable children and women in the society. The vice president commended Bayode for making provision of the basic needs of homeless children and women her passion. He said that about nine per cent of Nigerian children were homeless; a figure Osinbajo said seems to be growing rapidly. The vice president, however, called on well meaning Nigerians to join hands with the government to provide adequate care for the homeless children, saying that government alone could not do it. Osinbajo described the laudable project as one that would stand the test of time for the less privileged and empowerment for women in society.

During her speech, the Founder and President of Dorian Home, Dr Tolulola Bayode, said that vision of the project was about leaving a legacy of hope for the orphaned children, widows and less privileged women in the society. According to Bayode, reality dawned on her after the shocking demise of her elder brother, the purpose of man on earth is to touch life and uplift humanity. Bayode said the covenant she had with God to have the home was based on her love for humanity, widow, indigent and displaced children to live a better life. She also appealed to the government to provide adequate security checkpoints along Akure/Idanre Road, adding that the future of any child should not be toiled with. She emphasised that not that she has the resources but has a heart of giving.

Represented at the ocassion, was the governor of Ondo State represented by his Deputy, Mr Lucky Ayadatiwa, who said that the project compliment the administration’s REDEEM agenda of Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu. He commended the Founder of the home for her initiative. Akeredolu described the project as unique because it focus on the neglected section of the society. Akeredolu said the project would receive the support and patronage of the state government. He said the state government would continue to support the social initiative programmes of the Dorian Home.

Also, speaking at the ocassion, Senator Tayo Alasoadura, the Minister of State for Niger Delta Affairs, urged people to emulate the kind gesture that counts for the good of humanity by trying to make the society a better place for humanity. Alasoadura said that Nigeria would be a better place, if everyone tried to provide a home like heaven on Earth, especially for the displaced and indigent children, just as the orphanage.

Tolulola Olajibike Bayode, as a natural social and talented care giver has continually provided training, education and health consultations in the non-profit entrepreneurial sector to youths in different parts of the world and has successfully maneuvered the delicate balance between dedication to mission in a wide range of settings. Aside her passion for the creating a better living for commoners, she has years of extensive managerial experience in the non-profit sector, with outstanding records in getting initiatives off the ground and flourishing.

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