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Mimiko’s entrant into PDP & the chances of Governorship aspirants in 2017: An Xray

“The question now is that what does this portend for the people of Ondo State? First, the movement would have returned Ondo State to the mainstream of Nigerian politics. This will further strengthen the already cordial relationship existing between the state and the federal government as led by President Goodluck Jonathan. Secondly, it will afford Mimiko the opportunity to wholeheartedly work for the re election of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan”



The Ondo State Governor Dr. Olusegun Mimiko who was hitherto the only Labour Party (LP) governor may decide to join the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at the conclusion of his nationwide consultation. Hints of this political movement have however begun to affect the political equation of Ondo State, the Southwest and indeed the nation-Nigeria.

Recall that Dr. Olusegun Mimiko grew through the political ladder from youth leader to Secretary to Local Government, two terms State Commissioner, Secretary to State Government, Federal Minister before ascending the position of Governor though after a protracted legal battle.

Segun Mimiko

Segun Mimiko

In all these he has continued to muster political energy devoid of any political vulture. This has also allowed him to know and understand the political structures and gladiators throughout the nooks and crannies of Ondo State in particular. Dr. Mimiko, contributed immensely in installing all his predecessors who became governors through the ballot. No wonder he was Commissioner under Evangelist Bamidele Olumilua and late Chief Adebayo Adefarati and later Secretary to the State Government under late Dr. Segun Agagu.

If Dr. Mimiko finally decided to re-join the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which he earlier joined in 2003 after his over six years sojourn in the Labour Party (LP), the entry or may be re-entry could only be described as triumphant for him and a game changer for several others. It must not be overemphasized that he will be joining the party not only with all the political gladiators in the state but also with all the apparatus of government in the state.

The question now is that what does this portend for the people of Ondo State? First, the movement would have returned Ondo State to the mainstream of Nigerian politics. This will further strengthen the already cordial relationship existing between the state and the federal government as led by President Goodluck Jonathan. Secondly, it will afford Mimiko the opportunity to wholeheartedly work for the re election of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, which majority of the people of the state have signify their support for. Thirdly, this will lead the PDP to becoming the only dominant party in Ondo State.

Another angle to the whole story would be “What will be the effect of this fusion to the 2015 general election in Ondo State? If Mimiko led the Labour Party (LP) on a winning spree since 2009, House of Assembly bye election in Akure North and Ilaje Constituency 2, House of Representative bye election in Akoko South East/Akoko South West, three senatorial seats in 2011, eight out of nine House of representative in 2011, twenty five out of twenty six House of Assembly seat in 2011 and the governorship election in 2012, then joining hand with the hitherto major opposition party in the state will have sealed victory for the state mega party, what some people refers to as the “new Ondo PDP” even before the polls.

Political analysts, watchers and even party followers and faithful’s have continued to argue that Mimiko’s joining the PDP will ultimately determine who succeeds him as governor in 2017. Analysts argued that the political goodwill which Dr. Mimiko have garnered and enjoyed over the years will be leaned upon to present a credible successor. This piece also subscribes to this position that Dr. Mimiko will be a major determining factor in deciding who govern Ondo State from 2017.

The template for the selection will now have to put a lot of things into consideration if the governor finally decides to join the PDP. One, there will be a larger pool of aspirants that will jostle for the position; some from the present PDP, some from the present LP and some who at present may not belong to any of the two but may decide to run on such a strong platform.Jimoh IbrahimOlusola Oke

Before now, the PDP is seen to be stronger in the Southern Senatorial district of the state. This may be due to the fact that since 1999, the governorship candidate of the party have always emerged from the district. If this strength will cornered the governorship slot for the district, then it will be the fight among political titans such as Chief Olusola Oke, Chief Sola Ebiseni, Dr. Pius Osunyikanmi and Chief Jimoh Ibrahim who has been in out of the governorship race since 2003 on different political platforms.

Chief Oke, a former member of the House of Representatives who represented Ondo state on the pioneer NDDC board and later Chairman of Ondo State Oil Producing Area Development Commission (OSOPADEC) may enjoy the sympathy of being the former flag bearer of the party.

Chief Sola Ebiseni, a former Chairman of Ilaje/Ese Odo local government and the Ondo State Law Commission as well as being a three time Commissioner for Environment in the state, he is a confidant of the incumbent governor Dr. Olusegun Mimiko and late Chief Adebayo Adefarati. His perceived loyalty to whoever he has worked with may earn him the ticket of the party.

Chief Sola Ebiseni

Chief Sola Ebiseni

However, Dr. Pius Osunyikanmi who has being an ally of Dr. Mimiko for years may beat all other contenders to the governorship ticket in the district if he decides to run on the ground he is perceived to be the person being groomed for the plum job by Dr. Mimiko.

If zoning is anything to go by, it will be right that the Central Senatorial district where the incumbent governor is from will be excluded from or take the back seat in the 2017 governorship race. But the Akure people have continued to argue that it is their turn to be at the Alagbaka Government house in 2017. Their argument hinges on the fact that out of the then five division that make up the Ondo State, only Akure division has not been elected as governor.

If this sentiment receives the support of the people of Ondo State with respect to the 2017 governorship, then Eyitayo Jegede SAN may spring surprises as he has been described as a member of the kitchen cabinet of Dr. Mimiko.

Prior to the 2012 governorship election, what was described as “Akoko Agenda” took several people out of the LP including Senator Ajayi Boroffice, Saka Lawal, Dr. Olaiya Oni, Prince Sola Amodeni etc. The 2017 may reenact the clamour for an Akoko governor even as the Owo people are strategizing to outsmart the Akokos if the governorship is finally zoned to the Northern Senatorial district.

In a situation where the “new PDP” ticket is exclusively domiciled in the Northern Senatorial district, the party will have an array of aspirants to choose from. The body language of Dr. Mimiko who definitely will be interested in who succeeds him may finally be relied upon in selecting the party’s candidate.Attorney General, Ondo State

In Owo area of the Northern Senatorial district, two allies of Dr. Mimiko have signified their intention to run for the governorship of the state. Mr. Tokunbo Modupe aka TPT, a close confidant of Dr. Mimiko, from Ose Local Government and the convener of the Orange Family Initiative (OFI) is said to have concluded arrangement to run for governor.

Also a third republic Senator, Remi Okunrinboye who is from Owo, is said to be networking across the nooks and crannies of Ondo State to ensure that he clinch the ticket to pursue an ambition of decades. However, cross sections of the people consider him too old for the job.

It has also been rumoured that a former Presidential Aspirant in the Third Republic, Senator (Dr.) Bode Olajumoke who is also from Ose local government is also strategizing to emerge the candidate of the new PDP.

From the Akoko end of the Northern Senatorial district, they are avalanche of would be governor who are also planning to leverage on the proposed fusion to ride to the Alagbaka government house.

Hon. Gbenga ElegbeleyeA former Minister of defence, Tokunbo Kayode SAN who would ordinarily have emerged as the candidate of the new party because of his cordial relationship with Dr. Mimiko is said to have lost favour with the Presidency. Also, his colleagues in the PDP have continued to accuse him of betraying the party in the 2011 general election. They have always boasted that such action will not cease hunting him.

Dr. Olu Agunloye popularly called Omoluabi from the same local government with Tokunbo Kayode has a very pleasant relationship with Dr. Mimiko and this would have earned him the ticket to occupy the Ondo Government house from 2017 but for his growing age. He may however have settled to go to the Senate in 2015.

For the incumbent Director General of the National Sports Commission and a former member of the House of Representative, Gbenga Elegbeleye he seems to have been enjoying the support of the younger elements in the political circle across Ondo State. The support base of this former Chairman of Akoko North East local government and Ondo State Waste Management Board is said to shore up since the rumoured defection of Dr. Mimiko and the entire Ondo State LP to the PDP. The successes recorded by the country in sports since his assumption of office may be the x-factor he needs judging by the fact that Nigerians are sports loving people, Ondo State not excluded. He (Elegbeleye) was said to have strongly supported Dr. Mimiko in the October 2012 election. This may therefore be his payback time.Saka Lawal

The PDP deputy governorship candidate in the October 2012 election Mr. Saka Lawal, a former political aide of Dr. Olusegun Mimiko who had hitherto laid claim to the PDP governorship ticket by ascendency is said to be jittery as his former boss is joining the PDP. His fear is that Dr. Mimiko may deliberately work against his emergence. But this may be far from the truth because Dr. Mimiko is a leader with a large heart who believes that only God anoints leaders. This fear may however limit Saka Lawal’s chances.

The list of aspirants from the north also includes a former Speaker of the Ondo State House of Assembly, Victor Olabimtan who is presently a Commissioner in the Federal Civil Service Commission. Olabimtan who was also considered for the PDP Deputy Governorship candidate in 2012 and could not make it because of the fear of the unknown, may still chicken out from the governorship race, as feelers have it that he is working to be Deputy Governor to another aspirant. The former speaker was said to have use his position to favour several indigene of the state particularly from the Akoko area. This would have added value to his aspiration only if he has the heart to take the big risk.

Notwithstanding all these, the political development that will emerge in Ondo state in the nearest future including the 2015 general election and the 2017 governorship election will radiate around the final decision of Dr. Olusegun Mimiko to join or not to join the PDP.

Olu Johnson Egbodofo is a Public Analyst and presently Special Assistant to Ondo State Governor on OSOPADEC email: [email protected]

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“Only Aketi can defeat Aketi in the coming election”



Who’s Abayomi Ale?
My name is Ale Abayomi Abiodun. I am a lawyer, a transaction advisor, sustainability champion, workplace culture expert, and a politician. I am a family man. I am a proud Owo son and an indigene of Ondo State. I am debonair and conservative by nature. I may be a polymath too. I’m also a health enthusiast.

The Governorship election in Ondo State is approaching, what’s your view about the election?
It’s just another defined term for evaluation of performance. In the overview, we are lucky that Ondo State election won’t be going the rowdy way like Edo States’. Most times when too much emotions get invested in any particular election, it’s the masses and the State’s economy that suffers it the most. Such are usually violent; very expensive, as politicians may be spurred to spend ten naira where they ought to have spent five naira; and its usually difficult to recover from such battles when a winner eventually emerges. Such victories are usually pyrrhic and attended with enormous court battles.
We would have fall into same labyrinth if the estranged deputy governor of Ondo State had won the PDP ticket of the State. Its obvious God has favoured us for peace and prosperity with the way the Primary elections of the two mainstream political parties in the State turned out.

Who is your preferred candidate?
Oh… you can see that from every shade of my body language.
To be frank with you, I am of the believe that this administration has not only performed creditably well in so many sectors, but has set the economic quadrants of the State towards achieving financial sustainability. The latter is one of the reasons I preach that Arakunrin Akeredolu be allowed a second term to consolidate the foundation he has laid before handing over to another illustrious son of the State. This administration has positioned the state on a tripod stand of Industrial Opportunities; Security and Exit Strategy Seaport that will help export value-added produce and products.
This is a diversion that leads to financial independence of Ondo State. It’s a redirection that will gradually reduce our dependency on FAAC droppings from the Federal table. I strongly believe such a vision should be supported for another four years.

Are you supporting Aketi because he is your kinsman?
(Laughs)…..That’s not true. As a fact, I worked for another candidate in 2016 and didn’t support him then. This wasn’t because I didn’t trust his capacity and character then, but because I had the burden of political loyalty. My political teacher and master then supported Olusola Oke….he was even the Director-General of his campaign. There was no way I would switch loyalty midstream. I don’t give less than 100% loyalty to whomever or whatever I believe.

So you are back now with Barr. Olusola Oke to support the governor?
I have been back to support and respect Aketi as the leader of the party in the State right from when everyone returned to APC. I never supported the Unity Group. I returned to corporate practice of Law in Abuja since 2018…… I have learnt that to hold on to an ideology in Nigeria’s polity, you may need to retain and develop your second address; else the only alternative will be to become an apple-polish. I am not very good in bootlicking.

Do you think Aketi will win, or which of the candidates do you think will win the October 10 election in Ondo State?
Aketi will win! Part of my training is to be objective in analyzing products, projects, challenges and service. On this one, I reached the verdict that only Aketi can defeat Aketi in the coming election. In the scale of balances, Aketi is a strong candidate with the advantage of incumbency in the ruling party at both the central and the State. One of his contenders is a weak candidate, but with a good political party structure. The other is a good grassroot mobiliser in a political party that less than 2% of the voters in Ondo State presently can recognize its party logo. This is apart from that the latter has been labeled a turncoat with a vaulting ambition.
All Factors and Indicators point to Aketi’s win. The man is an example of what God meant in Psalm 23:5.

What is your dream for Ondo State?
That we eventually exploit our potentials to maximized benefits. Ondo State is strategically positioned with both land mineral resources and seaport advantage. If the first white man’s ship had berth at our shores, we would have been ten times greater than what Lagos is today. I believe that with the right balanced heads and economic advisers in Alagbaka for a continued period of terms, Ondo state will grow in leaps and bounds. Hopefully, the exclusive list of our federal constitution would be devolved soon. It has been a stone in the wheels of progress to many States in Nigeria.

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Award Winners and Recipients




Outstanding Nigerian Local Government Chairman Merit Award 2020

Nomination List

  • The Executive Chairman, Aba South LGA. Abia State
  • The Executive Chairman, Mahia LGA, Adamawa State
  • The Executive Chairman, Ifedore LGA, Ondo State
  • The Executive Chairman, Ovia South-West LGA, Edo State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Eastern Obolo LGA, Akwa-Ibom State
  • The Executive Chairman, Iwo LGA, Osun State
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  • The Executive Chairman, Ador LGA, Benue State
  • The Executive Chairman, Askira/Uba LGA, Borno State
  • The Executive Chairman, Akampa LGA, Crossriver State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Aniocha South LGA, Delta State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Ohaukwu LGA, Ebonyi State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Egor LGA, Edo State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Ikole LGA, Ekiti State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Igbo Eze LGA, Enugu State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Bwari LGA, Federal Capital Territory
  • The Executive Chairman, Balanga LGA, Gombe State
  • The Executive Chairman, Obokun LGA, Osun State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Oluyole LGA, Oyo State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Ideato South LGA, Imo State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Babura LGA, Jigawa State
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  • The Executive Chairman, Baruten LGA, Kwara State
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  •  The Executive Chairman, Akwanga LGA, Nasarawa State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Borgu LGA, Niger State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Odeda LGA, Ogun State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Ilaje LGA, Ondo State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Ife-Central LGA, Osun State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Egbeda LGA, Oyo State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Langtang North LGA, Plateau State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Kaura Namoda LGA, Zamfara State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Girei LGA, Adamawa State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Bodinga LGA, Sokoto State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Kurmi LGA, Taraba State
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  •  The Executive Chairman, Karasuwa LGA, Yobe State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Kaura Namoda LGA, Zamfara State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Ryom LGA, Plateau State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Song LGA, Adamawa State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Alkaleri LGA, Bauchi State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Emure LGA, Ekiti State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Lokoja LGA, Kogi State
  • The Executive Chairman, Akoko North-West LGA, Ondo State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Yewa North LGA, Ogun State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Odo-Otin LGA, Osun State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Afijio LGA, Oyo State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Ado-Ekiti LGA, Ekiti State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Koton-Karfi LGA, Kogi State
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Pastor Adeboye Leads Protest to End Killings in Nigeria



Pastor Adeboye carrying placards

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, discarded his hitherto conservative and conciliatory disposition and took to the streets to lead thousands of his members in a protest march against insecurity and killings of Christians across the nation, especially in northern states.

The action is sequel to an earlier directive by the leader of one of the most influential Pentecostal churches in Nigeria that its members should conduct the protest nationwide, with him starting his own action at exactly 11am at the RCCG National Headquarters in Ebute Metta, Lagos.

The Assistant General Overseer (Admin and Personnel) of the church, Pastor J.F Odesola, in a circular dated January 29, 2020, addressed to all regions and provinces of the RCCG, parishes of the church were asked to end their service not later than 11am on Sunday to enable members “march round their immediate environment, praying for God’s intervention in the ongoing situation in Nigeria.”

The protests are at the instance of the RCCG General Overseer, Pastor Adejare Adeboye.

The circular, read: “The Christian Association of Nigeria, the umbrella body for all Christians and Christian organisations in Nigeria, has made a clarion call for prayers and advocacy to all Christians in Nigeria in response to the inhumane acts against Christians in the country.”

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