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Dr Olusegun Mimiko

H.E. Dr. Olusegun Rahman Mimiko is the immediate past Executive Governor of Ondo State in the South Western part of Nigeria. Iroko, as he is fondly referred to by both friends and supporters as born on 3rd October, 1957 in Ondo Kingdom. He attended primary and secondary school in Ondo State and proceeded to the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) from 1972-1976 and graduated in 1976 with B.Sc Health Science degree in 1976 and the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery in 1980.

Dr  Olusegun Mimiko cut his political teeth in the University of Ife where he was always politically active and went way up the political totem in the Students Union and also in the International Students Association (he was Public Relations Officer of the body between 1977-1978).

Dr. Olusegun Mimiko was renowned in the practice of medicine both within Nigeria and outside the country and having garnered extensive experience both in private and public practice and rising to the enviable height of Acting  Medical Director at Alleluyah Hospital in Oshodi, Lagos he set up his own private medical practice, Mona Medi-Clinic in 1985 and the said clinic was headquartered in Ondo town, Ondo State, where he was brought up.

Dr. Olusegun Mimiko has always been a progressive and this is evident in his political leanings; he identified with Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s Unity Party of Nigeria, a party he later became the Publicity Secretary in Ondo Local Government Area. He was the head of  a political think-tank referred to as The Ondo Study Group (OSG). OSG had a special interest in voters enlightenment and was seen as a force and it was the vehicle in which Dr. Olusegun Mimiko unsuccessfully ran for office as Chairman of Ondo Local Government (as it was then referred to).

In recognition of his untiring efforts and his famed connection with the masses, he was appointed as the Secretary to the Ondo State Government (SSG). He had barely settled in when the then President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo summoned him to higher office by appointing him as the Federal Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development. Dr. Olusegun Mimiko contested for the gubernatorial seat of Ondo State and despite the fact that he was earlier said to have lost by the electoral body (INEC), he approached the courts, citing several irregularities and asking the court to declare his winner.

His prayers were granted and Dr. Olusegun Rahman Mimiko was sworn into office on the 24th day of February, 2009. It is a testament to his dogged spirit and belief in the institutions of the country that his mandate which was almost thwarted was recovered and he went ahead to rule Ondo State twice as a governor before relinquishing the seat after his mandatory 2 terms in office had elapsed. Dr. Olusegun Mimiko goes along with his convictions hence the reason he attempted to run for the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the just concluded elections and got the nod of the Zenith Labour Party to be its flag bearer. While he withdrew for personal reasons and opted for the Senate, it is safe to say that the last has not been heard of ‘Iroko’.         

Dr. Olusegun Mimiko has authored many research and published articles on medicine, international relations, social and political development strategies His legacies in Ondo State health sector has put the state in the consciousness of the world to the point that the united Nations and other highly reputable international bodies have recommended the health delivery system which Mimiko initiated and executed in Ondo State as a model for the whole world to emulate. Mimiko has  received numerous awards including John F. Kennedy Essay (School Level) 1971, Justice of peace (JP)1993,  Distinguished meritorious service  Award 1993 by Ondo State Chapter of Nigeria Medical Association and he is patron to several Youths and professional Body organizations.

Dr. Mimiko is married to the beautifully delectable Mrs Olukemi Mimiko and the family is blessed with amazing children.

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Idi Aminu Ali was born on the 12th of June, 1964 into the house of Mallam Aminu of Pakka Local Government Area.

Human history is replete with two categories of leaders. The first category is that of thousand leaders born to make nominal difference in their societies, while the second category is that of few or scores of leaders born to make monumental differences in their societies. Of course, without any shred of doubt, Hon. (Dr.) Idi Aminu Ali, (Rumbun Adamawa) in Lamido Kingdom, the Executive Chairman of Maiha Local Area Government, and a philanthropy to the core, belongs to this second category of these divinely groomed and programmed leaders whose life’s achievements and general essential always transcend all generations.

Idi born to the polygamous family of Mallam Aminu of Pakka village in Maiha Local Government Area of Adamawa State is a leader that makes monumental changes. There were no soothsayers to inform his humble but disciplined family that they have just been blessed with a philanthropist and generational leader of repute, not only in his domain but the nation at large.

However, with divine protection, blessing, brilliance as well as a life of inimitable self-discipline and hard work with enthusiasm, the focused and vibrant politician has demonstrated to all and sundry, that success always come to those who refused to lie down at the coders of failure.

Sources close to the family revealed that Idi Aminu had begun to demonstrate the zeal and doggedness with which he handles all challenges of life from his youth days. The path to the very top in Idi’s endeavour started at, Pakka Primary School, Maiha Local Government in 1973 and by 1979 he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate (FLSC). In the same year 1979, he secured admission into the famous Government Secondary School Mubi and completed his secondary school in 1984 with an impressive result.

As fate would have it, he got an opportunity from a nationally acknowledged businessman who happen to be his mentor, Late Alhaji Umaru Jibrilla, who called him to manage his fuel station, known as AUN Petrol Station in Yola, then the biggest filling station in the whole of the country with (18) fuel pumps and having a fleet of one hundred and twenty trucks (120) on the nations road transporting and distributing fuel. AUN is one of the pioneer petroleum dealers in Nigeria.

After managing the giant fuel station for three years, always being guarded by the belief that the secret of success is consistency of purpose, Idi proceeded to Jos to acquire more managerial skills in Petroleum Management. Based on his outstanding performance in the course, which placed him as the most outstanding in the Northern region then, Idi’s exploit in the management of human and material resources, coupled with his unprecedented performance, he was promoted to the position of Depot Manager for Gombe Depot. While there, he reinvigorated the fortunes of the Depot which was rated the best in the nation.

After one year as a Depot Superintendent, Idi resolved to move beyond depot management, he resigned. That resignation had an effect on the petroleum business of AUN which led to Alhaji Umaru Jibrilla closing down the petroleum business and commence leasing of the stations to various companies like Total, National Oil and numerous others.

After willingly relinquished his job as Depot Superintendent, his next point of serving the nation and humanity was the then Ministry of Internal Affairs now Interior Ministry as an Immigration Assistance on Probation. After some time, he resolved and decided to go into partisan politics while pursuing business on the other hand. He relocated to the Federal Capital, Abuja and continued with his usual legitimate struggle. The struggle ushered him to contracts with the Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) in Lagos, where he got and perfectly executed contracts, he made a tycoon out of himself, indeed a mega one. A ship was auctioned to him by the Port Authority under the then Managing Director, Mallam Bello Gwandu, a perfect gentleman. For him, then managing a ship is docile, so he sold it out and got a huge amount from the sale, he became familiar with a lot of prominent and influential people in Nigeria and that gave him fame.

The glaring exhibits of Idi’s philanthropic nature is the offering of motorcycle numbering about one hundred and fifty (150) and sixty-two cars (62) to the youths in his Local Government and beyond. This gesture endeared him to the heart of the youths. In their thousands, they contacted him through text messages, personal visit, appealing to him to join politics by a way of contest. After much persuasion, he agreed and kicked started by contesting for the House of Representatives to represent his good people of Maiha, Mubi South and Mubi North Federal Constituency, in 2007.

He put in the contest and lost gallantly. Idi again threw his hat into the ring and contest the Chairmanship seat of Maiha Local Government in 2012, despite being more acquainted with the technicalities, Idi couldn’t make it due to dirty politicking then. After the various contest, still this young generational leader, said he who fights and run away will definitely live to fight another day, Idi didn’t run away, he stayed back and contributed positively in ushering and building of the present All Progressives Congress (APC) at both his home local government and Adamawa State. His people called him to start his political leadership from grassroots, he answered and contest the seat of Maiha Local Government Chairman in 2016 and won.

Maiha Local Government witnessed an unprecedented positive change both humanly, structurally and developmentally, when Idi came on board. This is a man on his swearing-in day came with a cash of three million naira to kick start his government without waiting for allocation. He embarked on various developmental projects, constructed a lot of bridges and big culverts with his personal money. He renovated various schools and paid his party office rent for four years and furnished it and paid his office electricity bills that was owing without electricity for fifteen years. Dr. Idi spent over one hundred million of his hard earned money to support his people.

After a successful tenure, he contested again for the chairmanship seat of Maiha Local Government under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2019 and won overwhelmingly. He has put in place various human developmental projects since he assumed office.

Idi Aminu is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pakka Global Investment Limited a leading import and export company in also engaged in construction.

Alhaji, (Dr.) Hon. Idi Aminu, has been bestowed with numerous awards and recognitions from both his home and other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria and indeed beyond.

Dr. Idi Aminu is today: Rumbun Adamawa in Lamido Fombina Kingdom; Turakin Pakka; Makama Digil; Mutawallin Mugulbu; Shetima Lau, Taraba State; Jarumi Mayo-Bani; Odde-jim jim 1 of Oguta-Imo State; Wanede Numba1 of Arodi Zuwogo; Oko Sisi 1 of Eze Igbo Abuja; Otunba Babayeye 1 of Iludu in Ekiti State; an Award of Recognition by Rotary International; (Phd Degree) Honoris Causa from Life Leadership on Community Development by University of California, USA in 2007; Fellow, Corporate Executive of Nigeria (FCEN) and many others.

Idi Aminu has travelled widely. His hobbies are travelling, polo, playing scrabbles, horse riding and watching documentaries.

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Award Winners and Recipients




Outstanding Nigerian Local Government Chairman Merit Award 2020

Nomination List

  • The Executive Chairman, Aba South LGA. Abia State
  • The Executive Chairman, Mahia LGA, Adamawa State
  • The Executive Chairman, Ifedore LGA, Ondo State
  • The Executive Chairman, Ovia South-West LGA, Edo State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Eastern Obolo LGA, Akwa-Ibom State
  • The Executive Chairman, Iwo LGA, Osun State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Akinyele LGA, Oyo State
  • The Executive Chairman, Anambra West LGA, Anambra State
  • The Executive Chairman, Bogoro LGA, Bauchi State
  • The Executive Chairman, Sagbama LGA, Bayelsa State
  • The Executive Chairman, Ador LGA, Benue State
  • The Executive Chairman, Askira/Uba LGA, Borno State
  • The Executive Chairman, Akampa LGA, Crossriver State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Aniocha South LGA, Delta State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Ohaukwu LGA, Ebonyi State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Egor LGA, Edo State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Ikole LGA, Ekiti State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Igbo Eze LGA, Enugu State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Bwari LGA, Federal Capital Territory
  • The Executive Chairman, Balanga LGA, Gombe State
  • The Executive Chairman, Obokun LGA, Osun State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Oluyole LGA, Oyo State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Ideato South LGA, Imo State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Babura LGA, Jigawa State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Kachia LGA, Kaduna State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Gezawa LGA, Kano State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Dan Musa LGA, Katsina State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Argungu LGA, Kebbi State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Ajaokuta LGA, Kogi State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Toungo LGA, Adamawa State
  • The Executive Chairman, Baruten LGA, Kwara State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Ibadan South-West LGA, Oyo State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Eti-Osa LGA, Lagos State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Akwanga LGA, Nasarawa State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Borgu LGA, Niger State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Odeda LGA, Ogun State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Ilaje LGA, Ondo State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Ife-Central LGA, Osun State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Egbeda LGA, Oyo State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Langtang North LGA, Plateau State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Kaura Namoda LGA, Zamfara State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Girei LGA, Adamawa State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Bodinga LGA, Sokoto State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Kurmi LGA, Taraba State
  • The Executive Chairman, Olorunda LGA, Osun State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Iddo LGA, Oyo State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Karasuwa LGA, Yobe State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Kaura Namoda LGA, Zamfara State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Ryom LGA, Plateau State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Song LGA, Adamawa State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Alkaleri LGA, Bauchi State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Emure LGA, Ekiti State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Lokoja LGA, Kogi State
  • The Executive Chairman, Akoko North-West LGA, Ondo State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Yewa North LGA, Ogun State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Odo-Otin LGA, Osun State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Afijio LGA, Oyo State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Ado-Ekiti LGA, Ekiti State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Koton-Karfi LGA, Kogi State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Odeda LGA, Ogun State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Orolu LGA, Osun State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Mangu LGA, Plateau State
  •  The Executive Chairman, Ibadan South LGA, Oyo State

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Mrs Nkechinyelu Leticia Osuji, a certified chartered economics and management professional. Was born on November 12.  1963 at Enugu-Ngwo, Enugu North LGA of Enugu State,

For her primary education, she attended St. Mary’s Primary School, Ngwo, Enugu State and later proceeded to St. Catherine Secondary School, in Imo State where she earned her West African School Certificate (WASCE) in 1980.

Her quest for further education made her also sat for Ordinary General Certificate in Education (GCE) in 1985 and she later gained admission to the prestigious University of Lagos to study Business Administration and she graduated with a B.Sc in Business in 1998 with a Second Class Degree. She later went to the University of Ado-Ekiti to earn her Masters in Business Administration in the year 2005.

Nkechi, as popularly called by friends, started her long life career working with Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in 1982 where she retired in 2017 as Development Finance Officer (DFO) after a meritorious career. Upon her assumption of duty in Central Bank of Nigeria in April, 1982, she was engaged in general duties of CBN, which include and not limited to so many assignments in  different capacities in various offices and branches. She was Currency Processing & Sorting, administrative activities and a Pioneer Staff of Nigeria Export & Import Bank (NEXIM). In her career at CBN, she was into Issuing of Promissory Notes to Banks on financing non-oil produce, Issuance of receipts of payment in foreign currency to exporters or agro dealers of non-oil commodities exports and remit same to the then Foreign Operations Department involved  in reconciliation exercise with the  Nigeria Customs Export Desk at the Nigerian  Sea Ports.

Mrs. Osuji was Head of Development Finance Office (DFO) CBN, Owerri branch as a Manager until she was promoted to the level of a Principal Manager and her duties included Team Lead on farm inspections, pre-guarantee inspections, sensitization & enlightenment campaigns, Group Formation, Organization of Self Help Groups and linking them to banks, Sensitization of DMBs and MFBs, Joint Loan Recovery team, Preparation of facility for guarantee, signing of guarantee certificates, maintains the office approved budgets, monitoring and evaluation of projects etc.

She had several trainings to include; Project Development & Management; Introduction to Fraud Examination; Agricultural Credit  Managers; Investigation Methods/Techniques; Corporate Management Integration (COMI); Credit Risk Management; Agricultural Project Supervision & Loan Recovery; Corporate Planning & Strategic; Works in Organizational Productivity; Microfinance Banking  in collaboration  with GTZ; School of African Microfinance (Kenya ); Project Monitoring & Evaluation (Kenya); Project Finance Infrastructure; Developing Leadership Competencies and many others.

She participated as a member of Bankers committee sub-committee award for Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) on project verifications and confirmation; Constituency (Senior Staff) representative at CBN Joint  Consultative Committee (JCC); President CBN, Owerri Social Club; Chairman Imo State Rural Outreach Coordinating Committee (ROCC) under CBN/IFAD RUFIN Programme and National Award Winner; Chairman Imo State Anchor Borrowers Programme; A member of Imo State Special Purpose Vehicle for the implementation of state Micro Small & Medium Enterprises Development Fund; Branch Change Champion for Code of Ethic Business Conducts; Acting Branch Controller capacity to oversee the various activities of the branch in the absence of the Branch Controller; Board member Allworkers Microfinance Bank and host of others.

She is a member of many associations and professional bodies such as Fellow Nigeria Institute of  Chartered Certified Economics; Associate Member Nigeria Institute of Management and holds Doctor of Philosophy in Management,

Mrs. Nkechi Osuji is presently the Zonal Coordinating Consultant and Head Project Monitoring. Management and Remediation Office (PMRO) of Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL Plc) in Owerri.

She supervises the financing and intermediation activities at the State Offices of NIRSAL, geared towards creating access to finance by organized agricultural value chains as well as ensuring the monitoring and performance of projects generated within the State; Coordinates the Project Monitoring, Reporting and Remediation Unit at the State and operate the PMRO in good management; Generating credit requests from the State and assisting in the implementation of NIRSAL’s agricultural financing intervention programs at this level, ensuring that such initiatives are effectively implemented and work plans put in place for these interventions for the development of agricultural value chains; Lead the overall management of the PMRO with a view to ensuring the viability of the State and the achievement of  the overall objectives of NIRSAL PMRO in the State; Define and clearly map out in detail the end-to-end value chain financing for each agricultural value chain/commodity as articulated by the value chain development unit in the States; Generate actionable reports on activities, interventions and recommendations; Identify and attend industrial events and other business functions within State of operations to keep abreast of developments in the marketplace, find potential new businesses as well as market the company’s end-to-end solutions; Undertake such other roles as may be delegated by his/her supervisor & Develop financial models -estimate financial value and impact of potential interventions to the Nigerian economy based on rigorous, logical and rational assumptions, engage in sensitization and enlightenment campaigns of cooperatives, stakeholders and organized groups and other assignments.

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